Top 5 Super Bowl Distractions

RobinsonTop 5 Super Bowl Distractions

It doesn’t happen every year but when it does, a player being arrested, a coach switching allegiances or a off the cuff comment during Super Bowl week becomes THE story of the week, it can have a devastating effect on a team. We look at the top 5.

5. Doug Williams is a black quarterback (Super Bowl 22)
Doug Williams wasn’t just a black quarterback he was the first black quarterback to lead a team to the Super Bowl. The media bombarded Williams with questions leading up to the game.
“Doug, do you feel like Jackie Robinson?”
“Doug, would it be easier if you were the second black Quarterback?”
“Doug, are you upset about all the questions about you being the first black Quarterback in the Super Bowl?”
“Doug, do you think America will be rooting for or against the Redskins because of you?”
Williams shook off the extra attention and threw 4 TDs and won the Super Bowl MVP

4. Eugene Robinson and the Hooker (Super Bowl 33)
This was to be John Elway’s last professional game and every media outlet was all about Elway. That is until Atlanta Falcons defensive back was arrested for solicitation of a prostitute. Robinson, still sleepy from his late night shenanigans missed two key plays, one resulting in an 80-Yard Rod Smith TD and a missed tackle on a long Terrell Davis scamper are spotlighted as the reasons the Falcons lost the game.

3. Stanley Wilson likes Cocaine (Super Bowl 23)
The night before the big game, an assistant coach caught Cincinnati Bengals fullback Stanley Wilson in the bathroom using cocaine. The Bengals left Wilson off the Super Bowl roster; they could have used him in the sloppy field against the 49ers. The 49ers won a tight battle 20-16.

2. Where in the world is Barrett Robbins (Super Bowl 37)
Jon Gruden’s current team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were playing his former team, the Oakland Raiders. This was all everyone was talking about until Oakland Raiders star center and the stalwart of their offensive line, Barrett Robbins went missing. Robbins was found in the hospital suffering from depression and bi-polar disorder. The Bucs crushed the Raiders.

1. Bill Parcells is sleeping with the enemy (Super Bowl 31)
The Boston Globe ran a story linking the Patriots head coach to the New York Jets head coaching job. The problem was the Patriots were in the Super Bowl, Parcells spent Super Bowl week brokering his new deal with the Jets rather than focusing on winning the Super Bowl. The Pats lost to the Green Bay Packers.